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Please report any suspicious circumstances to Greater Manchester Police on
101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111

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Jan 10      Courier Fraud & Impersonation of Police Officers
Feb 25       Recent Incidents
Feb  28      Incidents and Advice

Message Received:   10 Jan 2014, 15:51
[Operation Hamilton - Courier Fraud & Impersonation of Police Officers]

In June Greater Manchester Police's Volume Fraud Team received the first report of this particular ‘courier fraud’ crime.
Since that date across Greater Manchester there has been 178 reports of ‘courier fraud’, 20% of those have lost money, total value approximately £100,000.
The Modus Operandi (MO) can vary slightly but essentially involves a victim being telephoned at his / her home address on the landline telephone, by the suspect who states he is a Police Officer usually identifying himself as a Detective either from the Metropolitan Police or Leeds (West Yorkshire).
The suspect informs the victim that there is a problem with their bank account and that they have arrested someone who has used the victim’s details to commit fraud and convinces the vicitm that they need to seize the original Bank card(s) for evidence which the vicitm still has in his / her possession.
If the victim is unconvinced that the call is genuine they are instructed to hang up and call a genuine number to verify the caller’s details but the suspect keeps the line open then deals with any subsequent call, convincing the victim of their authenticity.
The victim reveals to the suspect caller their bank details, including the PIN.
An often unwitting courier or taxi driver is sent to collect the victim’s card(s) The card(s) are then delivered to the offender(s).
Once in possession of the vicitm’s card(s) the offender then completes a transaction enquiry at a local cash machine (ATM) machine to establish a balance, prior to committing frauds and removing cash from the account.


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Message Received:  
25 February 2014 14:04
Hazel Grove - Recent Incidents
Peter Street - Offenders have attempted to gain entry to property through patio doors.  They have been disturbed by dog and made off empty handed.
Burglary - Garage/Shed:
Co-operative Street - Offenders have gained access to detached garage and stolen high value pedal cycle.
Stokesay Drive - Offenders have gained access to garage and stolen food produce within.
Stokesay Drive - Offenders attempt to break into shed but are disturbed by homeowners.
Criminal Damage:
Peter Street - Unknown offenders have smashed side window of motor vehicle parked on the road and made off.

Message Received:   28 February 2014 13:35
Distraction Burglary
When did it happen: 11/2/14 approx 2pm
Where: North Reddish
General Information: The householder opens the door to a male offender and asks him ‘Have you come to fix the gate?’. The offender says ‘Yes’ and enters the property. Victim asks how much the work will cost and offender says ‘£70’. The householder leaves the offender alone in the front room and returns approx 10 minutes later with £65. Victim hands over the money and the offender leaves. The victim informs son later, who informs the Police. No work has been carried out at the address.
Offender/Vehicle Description: Male aged approx 50 years, wearing a beige jacket.
• When answering the door, always use a door chain, check who is there by looking through a window or door viewer and always ask for identification – IF IN DOUBT KEEP THEM OUT!
• Don’t do business or accept services from a cold caller on the telephone or at the door.
• Lock all doors and windows securely.


Vehicle Crime Alert
This is a reminder to residents to remove all valuables and make sure their vehicles are secure as over the last two nights we have had a rise in theft from motor vehicles due to offenders trying door handles and becoming lucky when the owners have left them unlocked overnight.

Car crime can be a big worry for motorists. Protect your car by following our simple advice - it might just be enough to deter thieves from targeting your car.

Lock the doors and close the windows when you leave your car, however long you are leaving it for.
When parking at home, always use your garage if you have one and lock both your vehicle and your garage
If you don't have a garage, try to park in a well-lit, open place.
When parking outside, always try to park your car in an attended car park.
Look for a public car park which is part of the police approved Park Mark scheme and displays the Park Mark® brand.
Don't leave anything on display.
Even an old coat or plastic bag can be a tempting target for a thief.
Remove the stereo if you can.
Don't keep valuables or important documents in the glove box.
Leave the glove box open to show there's nothing inside.


NHWN Crime Prevention & Safety Booklet
The Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network (England & Wales) (NHWN) has produced a Crime Prevention & Safty Booklet (see link below). NHWN is a national charity and umbrella body which represents all Neighbourhood Watch and Home Watch members across England and Wales. It is the organisation that engages with the government, partners and like-minded organisations at a strategic level. Their website is www.ourwatch.org.uk.
The overall aim of the Neighbourhood & Home Watch movement is to bring neighbours together to create strong, friendly, active communities where crime and anti-social behaviour are less likely to happen. Crime cannot flourish in a community that cares. For more information about Neighbourhood & Home Watch, including how you can join or set up a scheme in your area, see pages 34-35 of the booklet or or visit www.ourwatch.org.uk.
They also recommend that you contact your local Neighbourhood or Home Watch Association, who may be able to help you access further support, including in some cases security products. You can find them by contacting your Regional Representative, details of whom can be found at: www.ourwatch.org.uk/get_involved/in_the_regions.
As always if you see a crime in progress, call 999. If you see something suspicious or want to report information about a crime that has taken place, call the police non-emergency number 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.
To download a copy of the booklet use this link:


Remember to report anything suspicious to the police and/or your Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator.
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