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Dancing - Ballroom

The Ballroom Dancing Group meet fortnightly at 2pm on Fridays at High Lane Village Hall in 16 week sessions.

The dancing is mainly BALLROOM and LATIN, varied with an occasional sequence or line dance. We aim for a friendly atmosphere and relaxed, enjoyable social dancing, augmented with a little step guidance.

The group is open to couples from High Lane U3A, and also from neighbouring U3As.

If interested and wanting to try us out, please contact Walter Mason or Ann Reynolds.

SPRING SESSION 2019 - January 11 and 25; February 8 and 22; March 8 and 22; April 5.


The ballroom dancing group has enjoyed good attendances for our pleasurable mix of ballroom and latin dancing. Sam and Walter have provided the music and some instruction, Sam on Foxtrot and Tango, and Walter on Argentine Tango, and we also do a few sequence dances and the occasional line dance.

APRIL 2018

After recent helpful video demonstrations of foxtrot and waltz steps, we ended our Spring session, with a presentation to Sam and Irene, and followed that with a group photograph. In the Summer we now reduce to monthly meetings, but do intend to follow one meeting with a group meal out.


In the summer months, ballroom dancing is scaled down to once a month, and more of the slower dances are being played in our current hot weather!


Sam returned from summer caravanning to restart alternating with Walter, and provide welcome variety in music and a fresh approach to learning new steps and refreshing known ones.


Social ballroom dancing continues pleasantly, with some new Waltz steps demonstrated by Sam and Irene, and some Tango and Cha Cha by Walter.


The spring session ended with Sam refreshing three waltz step sequences in the penultimate dance meeting, while at the last spring dance Walter recapped cha cha, tango, and foxtrot steps. In the summer we revert to monthly dances for a period.


Summer dancing was enhanced by a pleasant meal at Topkap Palace, after Prosecco at Walter's to celebrate a dancer's big birthday. Otherwise our dancing is less frequent during the summer months.


A hip break for Walter's Freda meant that music playing in August had to be rearranged at short notice, but we were rescued by Roger and Alison, with help from Chris and Jackie.

Back on our fortnightly Autumn schedule, with Walter tied up in caring duties, the group is settling down under Roger's pleasantly casual approach to music, whilst Syd and Carol, and Chris and Jackie have demonstrated waltz and cha cha cha steps.

The year ended with Walter playing music and demonstrating the Tango Medis Corte, a step originating with past instructor Danny Bell. Otherwise the group got into Christmas spirit with appropriate music for our last ballroom of 2019, and a week later we joined with the Sequence Dancing group for a splendid end of year party afternoon.

Group Leader Walter Mason ballroomdancing@highlaneu3a.org.uk