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Your U3A Needs You!

The High Lane U3A A.G.M. is to take place on Wednesday, 14th February 2007, when the next committee has to be elected.

The committee comprises:
    The Chairman and Vice-Chairman who are elected for two years and are allowed to serve for a
    total of four years if re-elected

    The Secretary and Treasurer who are elected for two years and are allowed to serve for a total
    of six years if re-elected
.  Both were elected last year.

    Six other members each serve for one year but are eligible for re-election annually.

All existing members of the committee, except the current chairman, are willing to stand again.

Nominations for your next committee have to be made on the Nomination Form which has the following format:-


The committee of the HIGH LANE branch of the U3A is to be elected at the A.G.M. on the 14th FEBRUARY 2007. Nominators, Seconders and Nominees should be entered on this form and either handed to the Secretary at the G.M. on the 10th JAN 07 or sent to the Secretary, . . . before 10th JANUARY 2007.

Committee Nominee Signature Nominated by Seconded by
Vice Chairman        
The Committee will be elected at the A.G.M. on 14th February 07

There have been some incorrectly completed forms in the past, so for clarity:-
'Nominee' is the person being proposed for the post.
'Signature' is the Nominee's signature, indicating agreement to being proposed.
'Nominated by' is the proposer who cannot be the nominee.
'Seconded by' supports the proposer and cannot be the nominee.